This garden was completely overgrown and needed a drastic overhaul. There had been years of deterioration. Our customer in Bearsden, Glasgow wanted a fully bespoke design and build landscape. Our qualified landscapers set out to achieve their design of an up to date traditional feel landscape.

To start with we removed over 60 tone of debris and removed 5 trees, an old pond. We aimed to turn this space into a safe, spacious, bespoke place for this young family.

We put down 100 square meters of high quality “Wembley” glass from a top supplier in the UK, ensuring they get an amazing low maintenance summer look all year around.

We created a one of a kind play area and putting green for adults and children. We also built a trampoline into the group and surrounded it in high quality rubber mats.

Furthermore we added brand new high wooden security fencing to give this family privacy and peace of mind.
We also used Tobermore historic for the Patio, Tobermore are a leading company in the UK and we are an accredited company meaning our work has been quality checked to the highest standards.
This was an amazing job which our customer was delighted with, showing that we take landscaping to another level.