In April 2023 Glesga Garden Guy completed a job for a young family in Simshill, it was company unsafe, had crumbling walls, ran on a massive slope. This was not safe for their young family and took action. In no time at all we turned into a safe modern bespoke safe space that they can be proud off. How did we do it ? , We cleared the space of debris we then levelled the garden and made it completely even. We added retainer walls which function is to offer extra support to prevent the soil from moving downhill with erosion thus stopping the slope. We installed brand new fencing. Amazing modern looking composite balustrades and Marmo Grey Porcelain paving. We raised the patio area with brand new stairs which were all faced in sleek marmo grey porcelain. We are delighted that the family were overjoyed with the service and finished project. And as seen below their son was delighted